ZigBee Dimmable LED tube

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ZigBee Dimmable LED tube

ZigBee dimmable LED tube is a robust ZigBee enabled dimmable LED tube. It has 256 light levels function. It is a long life and light weighted power consumption which conserve 60% comparing to the conventional light tubes.ZigBee dimmable LED tube utilizes SMT LEDs with its 400 lumen/1.5 meters and 50,000-hour lamp life.



  • four level control function
  • T8 tube
  • Controllable via wireless remote controller
  • 50,000-hour lamp life
  • Power range 85V AC ~ 265V AC
  • Compatible with ZigBee Home Automation profile


[box_dark]Technical Parameter[/box_dark]

Input Power

85 ~ 264V AC 50/60Hz

Communication Range

Up to 50 meters indoor


105mA @220V AC /@max lighting output

205mA @110V AC /@max lighting output


≥ 400 Lux / 1.5m




~21W @220V AC /@max lighting output

~21.5W @110V AC /@max lighting output

Operating Ambient:

Temperature -10~50℃

Humidity max. 95%RH

Product Dimension



IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Pro