Wireless Curtain Controller

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Wireless Curtain Controller

Wireless Curtain Controller is a wireless curtain with toggle & level controller and can bind with the devices carrying the functions of witch/level control and through these devices, users can control ZD01. When Wireless Curtain Controller is installed, users can either use remote controller, scheme setting or time setting to control the open/close of the curtain to make a easier life.




  • ZigBee device type:Shade
  • Carrying the functions of on/off and level control
  • Compatible with ZigBee HA profile
  • Support wireless or manual operation
  • Two types: curtain and drape
  • Easy installation

[box_dark]Product Model[/box_dark]

  • Wireless Curtain Controller :Curtain
  • Wireless Curtain Controller : Drape


[box_dark]Technical Parameter[/box_dark]

Power Supply

DC 12V, 3A

Power Consumption


Operating Ambient:

Temperature -10~50℃

Humidity max. 95%RH


IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Pro

Product Dimension:

85mm × 54.3mm × 21mm