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WiFi RFID Reader

WiFi RFID Reader is a mobile handheld device with ability to read RFID Tags and communicate with the Intranet or Cloud server to update readings.


Wireless Integrated offer wide range of WiFi RFID Reader for Commercial, Warehouse & Industrial applications. Some of the WiFi Readers may have additional functionality to connect via GPRS/3G connection.



[quote]Wireless Integrated offer solutions around WiFi RFID Reader. We have RFID readers designed and manufactured by us as well as from third party manufacturers that can be customized and offered to meet various customer requirements. Contact us with details of your project and get a perfect solution for your requirements.[/quote]

[box_dark]Features – WiFi RFID Reader[/box_dark]


  • Inbuilt Passive RFID Reader
  • Support external RFID Readers for UHF RFID, Long Range RFID
  • Robust LCD, Keypad & thermal Printer for input/output
  • 802.11a/b/c WiFi connectivity
  • Optional GPRS 2G/3G connection
  • Inbuilt reachargable battery
  • ARM processor with Linux OS
  • Can support Multiple applications


[box_dark]Benefits – WiFi RFID Reader[/box_dark]


  • Handheld Wireless RFID Reading
  • No communication cost on WiFi
  • Fast instant connectivity to the server
  • High-speed tag reading


[box_dark]Applications – WiFi RFID Reader[/box_dark]


  • Warehouse RFID Inventory management using WiFi RFID reader
  • Logistics inventory logging with WiFi RFID
  • Office
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries


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WiFi RFID reader may be also called rfid reader wifi, rfid wifi reader, rfid reader with wifi or wireless rfid reader.

In some applications you can also use bluetooth rfid reader. Wifi rfid tags are not related to WiFi RFID Reader but still WiFi RFID reader can read these tags commonly used for Real Time Location System.

You may need additional accesories or attachments with the WiFi RFID Reader like HF reader, rfid antenna, rfid inlay. For Evaluation we offer WiFi rfid reader kit or rfid evaluation kit. For Developers we offer rfid developer kit (rfid dev kit).