Wall Switch – ZigBee Switch and Power

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Wall Switch – ZigBee Switch and Power

Wall Switch is ZigBee wireless wall switch series. They can be paired with ZigBee enabled lighting devices. It possesses the features of low power consumption in standby mode and low power inspection. It is fully compatible with IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee HA profile and works with any ZigBee HA profile network.
Wall Switch comes with three types: one, two and three gang switch.Wall Switch works wirelessly requires no wiring. Simply joins in the network, pair with the other On/Off
devices and remote control them by toggling.


  • ZigBee device type:On/Off Light Switch
  • Exquisite and elegant design
  • Compatible with ZigBee Home Automation profile
  • Can be placed on the table or in-wall installation
  • Runs on 2 X AAA batteries
  • Low power notification
  • Three types: one key, two keys and three keys

[box_dark]Product Model[/box_dark]

  • Wall Switch A: single gang
  • Wall Switch B: two gang
  • Wall Switch C: three gang

[box_dark]Technical Parameter[/box_dark]

Power Supply: 3V (2 AAA batteries)
Frequency: 2.405-2.480 GHz
Communication Range: Up to 50 meters indoors
Operating Ambient: Temperature -10~50℃
Humidity max. 95%RH
Consumption: @standby mode < 2uA
@receiving mode 35mA
@transmitting mode 35mA
Protocol IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Pro
Product Dimension: 81mm × 81mm × 11mm