Siren – ZigBee Alarm

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Siren – ZigBee Alarm

Siren is a siren used in emergency case and based on ZigBee HA standard. It can join in the network and register itself into an security center (IAS CIE device). As soon as it receives the alarm message from the IAS CIE, it will generate the alert sound. Four different alert sounds: fire alert, emergency alert, burglar alert and doorbell sounds.
[box_dark]Main Features[/box_dark]

  • ZigBee device type: IAS Warning Device
  • ZigBee HA router device
  • Match up with CIE alarm device
  • Four different alert sounds according to different emergency cases
  • When it’s disarmed, it can be used as doorbell
  • Equipped with binding button
  • Compatible with ZigBee Smart Home devices


[box_dark]Technical Parameter[/box_dark]

Power Supply: 12V DC
Frequency: 2.405-2.480 GHz
Alarm Volume: 85db at 1 meter
Communication Range: Up to 50 meters
Operating Ambient: Temperature -10~50℃
Humidity max. 95%RH
Product Dimension: 91mm × 65mm × 43mm