Real Time Location System

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Real Time Location System consist of Tags, Locators & Readers.



It allow you to track people and assets inside the Building automatically. RTLS Readers & Locators installed inside the Building detect the presence of any Tags and report to a central software that show the position of the tags on a Map of the building.





Tags are available in the form of ID Cards, Wristband, Keyfob or Remotes. They are carried by a person and can work on their battery for very long.

  • 2.45GHz ISM band
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1 to 6 months on Single charge


Aero Locator is a device installed on the walls in a room or lobby. It broadcast its ID up to few meters that is received and re-transmitted by the Tags to the Reader.

  • 2.45GHz ISM band
  • RS485 or Ethernet communication
  • Configurable with different settings


Aero Reader is a Device installed at few strategic locations in the building to cover all areas. It receive Tag ID + Locator ID transmitted by the Tags and send this data to the central software over LAN network.

  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • Ethernet LAN communication