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Parcel Monitoring Tag – ParcelCop


[quote] Parcel Monitoring Tag – ParcelCop helps you track the journey of your parcel from Door to Door by detecting mis-handling by the shipping company.[/quote]


[box_dark]Whats inside the ParcelCop – Parcel Monitoring Tag[/box_dark][checklist]


  • Bluetooth low Energy Chip to communicate with your Smartphone
  • Accelerometer – advanced motion sensor
  • Gyroscope – detects Drop (Fall sensor)
  • Memory chip to record the events with timestamp


Device records the events related to motion, fall etc and logs it in its memory. Once the parcel is received user can download the logs to their Smartphone with a Mobile App and analyze the data to detect any mis-handling.

[box_dark]How it works – ParcelCop – Parcel Monitoring Tag[/box_dark][starlist]


  • Stick the ParcelCop inside the Parcel (Recommended at the bottom of the parcel)
  • Activate the ParcelCop from the Mobile App, Say Bye Bye to your Parcel
  • Send message to the consignee with link that Parcel is dispatched
  • On receipt the ParcelCop App in Consignee will collect all data and sync with your App
  • Check Alerts, Charts created to judge your shipping company


[box_dark]Benefits  – ParcelCop – Parcel Monitoring Tag[/box_dark][checklist]


  •  Track the performance of your Shipping company
  • Monitor sensitive parcels for mis-handling
  • Monitor Chemicals & white goods during transportation
  • Find lost parcel in warehouse