Laptop Anti-theft system

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Laptops are very popular in office but many are stolen every year. Wireless Integrated has developed a Laptop Anti-theft device along with a central monitoring system that works independent of the laptop software and can be used to monitor and prevent theft of the laptop from the office.

[box_dark]System components – Laptop Anti-Theft system[/box_dark]

  • Laptop Anti-theft wireless device (one per laptop)
  • Wireless Anti-theft Receiver (one per room)
  • Laptop wireless automated inventory management software (one per organization)

[box_dark]How it Works ? – laptop Anti-theft device[/box_dark]

  • Laptop Anti-theft device is  attached to the laptop securely
  • Device is activated and continuously send signal to the Wireless receiver mounted in the office
  • In case the Wireless Receiver stops receiving the signal or the strength of the signal go below a satisfactory level, it will raise the alarm

[box_dark]Features – Laptop Anti-theft device[/box_dark]

  • Laptop Anti-theft device can be stick or securely attached to the laptop
  • Continuously monitors the  laptop 24×7
  • Laptop can be moved within the office
  • Automatic rules can be set for IN/OUT of the laptop in morning/evening
  • Automatic alerts if Laptop is not received back in time
  • Can track people as well as Laptop
  • Optional IP camera can take snaps for all Laptop IN/OUT movements