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Jewellery anti-theft RFID for Stores


Wireless Integrated has developed a unique Jewellery Anti-theft system for Jeweler stores based on Wireless RF technology that not only work as an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system but also an long range RFID system.


[box_dark]What is Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)  ?[/box_dark]

EAS is a system commonly used in stores for preventing the theft of items without billing. All items in the store are tagged with EAS tags that unless de-activated at the time of billing will generate an alarm when taken out of the exits under surveillance. All exits are fitted with Antennas that can detect any active EAS tags and raise an instant alarm.

EAS system cannot be used as an ID for the product as these tags cannot store and transmit any ID. Hence they are suitable for Anti-theft but not suitable for inventory management. In order to ensure that all the inventory is in the store, one need to do regular stock checking.

[box_dark]What is RFID ?[/box_dark]

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has electronic tags that can store the ID and transmit it to the reader when powered. They are powered by the reader itself thru its RF energy. Due to need of RF energy to power and transmit ID, RFID tags normally work only when presented carefully to the reader. In many conditions they may not get powered sufficiently to transmit their ID. RFID tags are good for electronic ID but not suitable for anti-theft.


[box_dark]Wireless Integrated Jewellery Monitoring & Anti-theft System[/box_dark]

Many costly items like Jewellery need strong Electronic Article Surveillance with RFID combined into a single system.

Wireless Integrated has developed small battery powered tags that can be attached to the jewellery or its storage boxes. The Reader mounted in the store can continuously scan and confirm that each and every Tag is in range and being monitored. It can detect all the jewels that are moving (like while showing to the customer) and track if any item goes near the exit without being billed.

Unlike EAS & common RFID system this system act like a strong wireless monitoring system and specially suitable for owner’s peace of mind. Owner can just enter the store and he can receive complete Inventory details on his mobile and can confirm if they match the accounts.


[box_dark]Feature – Jewellery Anti-theft system[/box_dark]

  • Continuous Wireless Monitoring
  • Instant confirmation of the complete Inventory status
  • Strong Anti-theft system with early alerts
  • Reusable Tags with 1 Year battery life
  • Can calculate distance of the Jewellery from the Reader
  • Mobile App, Desktop Software


[box_dark]Application – Jewellery Anti-theft & Monitoring system[/box_dark]

  • Jewellery Stores
  • Exhibitions