Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring

A wireless solution can be helpful to Heath care industry in day to day activities like recording vital signs with the help of wireless technology.

Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring technology reduces cost of the health care organizations by saving unnecessary paper work also it’s automated features helps hospital staff to work most efficiently.

The Working of Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System explained below:

When patients enters into hospital he should have to go through registration process as well as he needs to wear ThermoSensor, Each ThermoSensor will have its unique ID, and any data posted by this sensor will be directly linked with the patient.

Wi-Bridge, will read the data posted by the ThermoSensor every 30 seconds, and will further enable applications on host (Desktop / Mobiles) to update the Wireless Integrated’s Vital signs Dashboard.

Components (Hardware/Software) Role and Working :

ThermoSensor has been provided to each patient which measures patient’s body temperature information at every 30 secs.

Wi-Bridge device collects the data from ThermoSensor thru Wifi/RFID, and transfer the data to Host Applications on Computers / Mobiles

Benefits of Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring :

  • Provides real-time electronic clinical chart for online access
  • Automatic temperature taking
  • Less transcription errors
  • Automatic vital signs recording