Wireless Sensors for Healthcare


Wireless Sensors are revolutionizing the Healthcare markets worldwide. With the advent of wide range of low power wireless technologies like

  • Bluetooth Low Energy – Low power bluetooth
  • Low power WiFi
  • Zigbee

it is now possible to manufacture low cost wireless sensors for healthcare applications both for Home & Hospitals.

Some of the applications are

  • Chronic Disease Monitoring
  • Personal Wellness Monitoring
  • Personal Fitness Monitoring

Example Products Applicable for Health Care

  • Glucose Meter – This is a device that measures the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is used by chronic disease (e.g. diabetes) management applications. For current generation devices, the frequency of measurement is several times a day.
  • Pulse Oximeter – This is a device that indirectly measures the amount of oxygen in a patient’s blood. The frequency of measurement is application-dependent (typically once a day).
  • Electrocardiograph (ECG) – This is a device that records and measures the electrical activity of the heart over time. The frequency of measurement is a few times a day or continuously for periods of a few hours in some use cases.

Social Alarm Devices

  • Fall Detector – this device detects that the individual has fallen and raises an alarm.
  • Pendant / Wrist Transmitter – a waterproof device that allows an individual to raise an alarm by pressing a button on the device
  • Social Alarm Control and Indication Equipment (SACIE) – this device receives alarm signals from the fall detector and wrist transmitter and relays them to designated recipient(s).

Wireless Integrated design & develop wide range of wireless sensors based devices for healthcare, sports & fitness applications. If you have some ideas share with us and see them turn into reality.