Smart Hospitals

Smart Hospital concept incorporate RFID technologies for wide range of applications inside the Hospital.

Technologies of identification by radio frequencies (RFID) experience a rapid development and healthcare is one of its major application area

RFID applications for Hospitals

  • The medical equipment should embed RFID tags. In the best case the tags should be placed into the devices by the manufacturer and should contain a standardized world-wide unique identifier.
  • On arrival, each patient receives a wristband with an embedded RFID tag storing a unique identifier, and some information about him (e.g. a digital picture, a unique patient code, etc.)
  • The doctors, nurses, caregivers and other staff members wear a “smart RFID badge” storing their employee ID number.
  • All the patients’ medical histories (aka paper medical files) and other important documents are tagged with self-adhesive RFID labels containing a unique number.
  • The bags of blood are attached with a self-adhesive RFID label holding a unique identifier, the hospital tracking number and some important information about the contained type of blood.
  • The blister packs and other drugs’ packages all contain RFID labels. These transponders should preferably be EPC compliant.

Installation of RFID devices

  • Entrance & exit of hospital are secured with RFID readers
  • The staff members (doctors, nurses, caregivers and other employees) each have a handheld (PDA, mobile phone, etc.) equipped with an RFID reader and possibly with a wireless (e.g. WiFi) connection to the web.
  • Each operating theater contains a least one RFID reader.
  • RFID sensors are placed in strategic galleries and important offices. In the best case, every office should contain an RFID reader: either placed next to the door or under the desks.


  • Patient Identification
  • Blood Tracking
  • Smart operating theatres
  • Tracking Equipment, Patients, Sta® and Documents
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Avoiding Theft of Medical Equipment
  • Smart Medicine Cabinets