Senior Assisted Living

Introduction Senior Assisted living

Senior assisted living focus on elderly person’s daily activity. Besides a number of wearable medical devices that monitor the vital signs (e.g. heart beat, glucose temperature), this use case involves monitoring other non-medical sensors such as environmental sensors, motion sensors, home sensors (e.g. bed, door, window), etc.

All the information from these sensors is sent to a gateway for recording and processing. The caregiver and/or family members can, with permission, access this information and assess the well-being of the elderly person. If certain pre-determined events occur, automatic responses could be triggered. For example, the caregiver can be alerted via a text message if the heart rate of the elderly person is above a threshold value.

If an elderly person has to follow a certain daily schedule such as taking a weight measurement in the morning, obtaining glucose level readings at noon and at 6 p.m. and completing an oxygen level reading after dinner, the caregiver can monitor the daily activity status of the person. If certain routine activities are not completed, the person can be sent a reminder. Should the person not respond to set number of reminders, the caregiver can be sent an alarm.

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