Patient Flow and Personnel Safety

Wireless Integrated provide total patient and personnel visibility in the healthcare environments.

Collected data throughout the patients’ journey brings about unprecedented visibility into processes and can be used for reporting and billing or interfacing and feeding to external applications. Wireless Integrated’s intuitive software user interface displays and provides a dynamic and real-time “picture” of the department and the whereabouts of the staff, patients, and equipment.

Solution Benefits

  • Better manage the patient-flow in various departments (Emergency Room for example).
  • Better estimate and determine delays in availability of key assets and personnel.
  • Gain full visibility of supply chain and enhance efficiencies protect and manage hospital assets and resources more effectively.
  • Schedule and opt-in to receive notifications through voice, email and SMS of events of particular interest.
  • Reduce medical errors by sensing, capturing, notifying and reacting to various events through workflow automation and business rules enforcement.
  • Replay scenarios and report on historical events by tapping into a wealth of data stored on the back-end.