Healthcare Equipment and Asset Tracking

Healthcare Equipment and Asset Tracking

RTLS Enterprise Asset Visibility and Utilization[/box_dark] Material management, staff, distribution and transport services benefit from hospitals’ asset management process automation and optimization. RTLS technologies from Wireless Integrated augmented with track and trace capabilities and business process automation, offer healthcare clients the most comprehensive enterprise grade asset tracking solution in the marketplace. [box_dark]Wireless Integrated Solution’s Highlights

  • Provides Web-based intuitive management console and requires minimal training
  • Works reliably in dynamic environments where people and equipment are constantly on the move
  • Battery life is adequately long, solution is easy to reconfigure and maintain
  • Provides real-time and relevant notifications and alerts while supporting flexible escalation procedures and reporting
  • Deployment is rapid and involves little or no wiring
  • Tracking is in real-time and accurate in defined areas
  • Technology-agnostic platform supports deployment of hybrid of tag technologies in concert to address variety of needs and environments

Solution Benefits

  • Increases staff efficiency, improves workflow and significantly reduces search and wait times for ordered equipment
  • Delivers critical, real-time point-of-need and time-of-need information necessary to improve enterprise processes
  • Improves equipment order fulfillment and enhances quality of care
  • Increases equipment utilization, ensures that renal equipment are returned in a timely manner and reduces over-stocking and unnecessary rental costs
  • Empowers the enterprise to locate, track, manage, secure and analyze critical mobile assets for maximum return on investment
  • Automates inventory management and reduces equipment loss and theft

Wireless Integrated’s Technology[/box_dark] Real-Time Locating System technologies from Wireless Integrated may be augmented with track and trace capabilities and business process automation, offering healthcare clients the most comprehensive enterprise grade asset tracking solution.

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