Bluetooth Low Energy fitness wrist watch

Bluetooth Low Energy fitness wrist watch

Introduction – Bluetooth Smart watch

Wireless Integrated has developed an wrist watch for wide range of Bluetooth low Energy & Bluetooth Smart applications. The quality wrist watch with Mirror finish and Silicon wrist strap is suitable for healthcare applications.

Features – Bluetooth Low Energy watch

  • Inbuilt Accelerometer
  • Inbuilt Gyro sensor
  • Inbuilt Temperature sensor
  • LED display
  • Long battery life
  • Support iPhone & Android Apps

Applications – Bluetooth Low Energy Watch

  • Fitness watch: Wi Wrist watch has accelerometer & gryo sensors that can analyze your movements & sleep. This data can be accessed by Apps on your smart phone to provide you daily guidance to improve your fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Patient Tracking: Wi Wrist watch act as a Patient Tracking Tag for applications inside the hospital. It can send data to Wireless receivers and central tracking software installed in the Hospital as part of Hospital RTLS or Tracking solution.
  • Patient Monitoring device & Automated Nurse call: Wi Wrist watch can be specially programmed to monitor the patients movement and generate alerts. It can track if patient is sleeping, awake, moving. It can use the patient movement data to automatically generate nurse call or alert the medical staff leading to better patient care.
  • Kids Monitoring Device: Wi Wrist watch can monitor the Kids in the school for wide range of activities. They can automatically note the attendance, track where they are, check if they are playing. The data collected by the device is available to the trainers to measure the activity levels of the children.