BioEnable’s Video Surveillance (BVS) Solution For Healthcare

BioEnable’s Video Surveillance (BVS) Solution For Healthcare


There are various security concerns in the hospitals. Certain areas in the hospital are not allowed for the common people in such a cases hospital staff has to keep an eye on each and every activity happening in the hospital.

Hospital staff need to invest more time on these surveillance activities. Also these manual systems can not used as a proof in case of any incident happened in the hospitals like theft, vandalism etc.

Video Surveillance in Healthcare

BVS plays important role in the Staff Management,Security Management, Visitor Management in the Healthcare industry.BioEnable’s Video Surveillance (BVS) offers Identify,Alert,Manage,Integrate functionality.

  • Identify: Identify the person coming to hospital
  • Alert : Automatically and immediately significant context-based events that requires attention.
  • Manage : Manage the data for each and every activity.
  • Integrate : Can be integrated with other systems like access controls, existing hospitals security systems etc.

BVS Features:

BioEnable’s Video Surveillance Solution Offers Hospitals The Following Features:

  • Easy and fast enrollment process.
  • Identifies people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eye wear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditions.
  • A non-intrusive, contact-free process.
  • Compatible with legacy databases.
  • Real-time notification about recognized persons.
  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Real-time notification of identity matches and alerts.
  • Integration with access control systems.
  • Powerful Recognition algorithms used

BVS Benefits:

BioEnable’s Video Surveillance Solution Offers Hospitals The Following Benefits:

  • Cost saving and effective : Less manual intervention, maintenance free system
  • Protection : It prevents intruders from entering into highly sensitive areas also it reduces chances of theft & vandalism also It keeps Hospital operator alert all the time
  • Integration: can be easily integrated with other existing systems at hospitals like visitor management, staff management etc.
  • Increases Work efficiency : Automatic child/infant monitoring improves efficiency of the hospital staff as they can do other jobs rather than monitoring


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