BioEnable’s RFID Based Drug Tracing System (DTS) For Healthcare Industries.

BioEnable’s RFID Based Drug Tracing System (DTS) For Healthcare Industries.

Drug Tracing Need and Conventional Systems

In all dispensing sites, between the time a pill rolls off a production line and is encased inside a bottle at a manufacturing plant to the moment that medication is ingested by a patient, various packagers, primary and secondary distributors, retail pharmacies, Hospitals and others may have handled the drug.

Each transaction hand-off represents a vulnerable point in the supply chain where counterfeit products can be introduced, and where authentic drugs can be diluted or diverted to more profitable channels. Fraudulent pharmaceutical drugs have become a worldwide criminal enterprise costing legitimate manufacturers more than $32 billion a year in lost revenue, while also presenting a growing international threat to public health.

Current systems uses all paperwork and barcode scanning during shipment loading which Is not secured and user friendly.

BioEnable’s Drug Tracing System(DTS)

The sheer size of this problem, along with its impact, is a major concern for both the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies so BioEnable has stepped up its efforts to improve the safety and security of the drug supply by encouraging use of RFID Based tags product packaging . The technology, called radiofrequency identification, or RFID, allows manufacturers and distributors to more precisely track drug products through the supply chain.

BioEnable’s Drug Tracing System(DTS) tracks and traces the medicines from the time a pharmaceutical product leaves the factory to the moment a patient receives the


BioEnable’s Drug Tracing System(DTS) uses RFID tags operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and have a very limited read range (generally on the order of inches). RFID technology only makes use of the near field component in which there is a magnetic inductive coupling of energy between a reader and tag. These antennas are generally comprised of resonant loops or coils which are more costly than simple UHF dipole or loop antennas. The available useful energy is limited to close proximity; hence the relatively short RFID range.

DTS Features

BioEnable’s Drug Tracing System (DTS) Offers Healthcare industry ,The Following Features…

  • Easy and fast drug registration process.
  • A non-intrusive, contact-free process.
  • Tracking the smallest individual pharmaceutical units throughout the supply chain
  • Compatible with legacy databases.
  • Easy integration with other existing systems.

DTS Benefits:

BioEnable’s Drug Tracing System (DTS) Offers Healthcare industry ,The Following Benefits:

  • RFID will bring valuable cost savings and safety benefits
  • It can improve productivity in shipping and receiving; lower labor handling costs; increase the accuracy of shipments ; and reduce the costs associated with product recalls.
  • RFID offers a wireless, re-writeable memory that can store vast amounts of information vs. traditional barcodes, which are write-once labeled applications and easily duplicated.
  • An RFID system can serve to increase the speed and accuracy of inventory accounting by reducing the human interactions required to identify and track items. The goal is always visibility and speed – through accurate, timely data – from which plans can be made and executed.
  • Can easily find drugs which are missing from the shelf are near at hand in the back room, forgotten, un-scanned or misplaced.
  • DTS enabling business process improvements.


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