Automated Instrument Tracking System

Automated Instrument Tracking System

Automated Instrument Tracking System offer accurate, effective and real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities of the tagged surgical and medical items in hospital. The system can be integrated with hospital information systems (HIS), SPD equipment (decontamination, sterilization etc.) and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS).

QR codes & RFID tags are capable of with-standing sterilization, liquid and metal environments, expected during the instruments’ lifespan. The QR codes & RFID tags are firmly secured to the instruments and sterile consumable items. Tag location is determined in conjunction with medical staff recommendations.

Features & Capabilities – Surgical instrument tracking system

  • Manage RFID tagged instruments and set database
  • Track and manage surgical instruments sent to maintenance
  • Produce statistical analyses and reports on instrument and set utilization
  • Manage surgical instrument and packed set storage
  • Provide workflow management tool for defining policies and procedures
  • Dashboard to alert predefined indicators, such as missing instruments, on time arrival of sets to OR, sets expected to SPD, and more

Benefits – Return on Investment (ROI) – Surgical Instrument Tracking System[/box_dark]

  • Reduces instrument inventory shrinkage
  • Increases accuracy of surgical instrument sets
  • Reduces surgical instrument inventory
  • Eliminates costly non-reimbursed events due to retained surgical instruments
  • Potentially reduces insurance premiums
  • Avoids potential revenue losses due to medical errors

Patient Safety – Surgical Instrument Tracking System

  • Prevents incidents of retained surgical instruments and consumables
  • Eliminates X-rays required due to count mismatch at end of surgery
  • Increases time gained for patient care in the operating room
  • Enables recall management on an instrument level for infection control and prevention purposes, and for patient safety

How are Instruments Identified?

1.Passive RFID Tags & Labels

Compact high precision RFID tags specially made for metallic environment are used for identification of most of the instruments.

2.Real Time Location Tags & Trays

RTLS tags are coin to matchbox size tags suitable for larger equipment that require comprehensive real-time tracking throughout the hospitals at all times. Specially suitable for Trays, Wheel chairs, Stretchers, patients & movable diagnostic equipment’s.

RTLS Trays are specialized trays that have Passive RFID Readers + RTLS tags inbuilt into it and can detect any instrument placed on it.

3.QR code (2D barcode)

The instruments that cannot use RFID tags/labels are identified with a specialized 2D barcode for metallic items. Suitable for small and disposable instruments.