WiEnergy – Energy Auditing, Consultancy & Monitoring Services

Wireless Integrated a division of BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Magarpatta, Pune, is offering new services that is helping corporate reduce their electricity bills by 12-30%.

These services are suitable for most commercial establishments like corporate offices, restaurants, Hotels, Malls etc. with electricity bills of Rs.30,000 or more per month.

Our services are further supported by our WiEnergy Control Panel. It is a most comprehensive web-based energy monitoring system, developed with many years of research and integration of Electrical, Electronics & Computer technologies. It offers detailed wireless monitoring, management and improvement of energy in offices and building with primary aim to reduce energy bills by 12 to 30%.

Benefits :

  • Details analysis and monitoring of electricity bills for saving opportunities
  • Historical trends analysis and power quality monitoring
  • Detection of wastage of electricity, prevent misuse of infrastructure
  • Detailed minute by minute analysis of electricity usage
  • It helps in Increasing the life of equipment by up to 50%
  • Maintenance & Breakdown alerts in advance

WiEnergy Energy Management System is achieved by implementing one or more of the following four application modules


  • Remote Metering
  • Alarms
  • Data Logging

The Monitoring Module displays voltage, current, power, energy, and demand data in easy to use simple dashboard. Log data for detailed analysis, reports, charts.

Highlights and acknowledges unusual activity and alarm conditions with the real-time and historical alarm viewers to ensure that problems do not go unnoticed.

Power Quality:-

  • PF Management (Power Factor Management)
  • Demand Management
  • Harmonics.

The Power Quality module focus on analyzing how efficiently you are using the power.Analysis of realtime data can highlight problems in your equipment, Air conditioners, Lighting and imbalances that may be major cause of excessive usage

Our system automatically come out with suggestions for factors like Power Factor Management, Demand Management , Equipment issues that if implemented will have immediate impact on reducing your Bill.

Cost Allocation:-

  • Power Bill Generator
  • Tariff Management
  • Branch management

The Cost Allocation Module is an energy management tool that aggregates energy data to create usage reports,Generate Power bill s in advance for early payment to get utility discounts. Enforce timely payments.We find strategies that can save significant amount by changing Tariff plans. Split/Aggregate usage into multiple meters.Generate Individual section wise bills to make Managers responsible for power usage in their sections. Virtual metering capabilities allow measurement where no single meter exists

Control & Automation

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Remote on/off
  • Auto Source Transfer

Control & Automation module executes energy management strategies by Sensors & Actuators to minimize energy charges. Use sensors like Temperature, Occupancy etc. to take actions,Control the opening, closing, and tripping of breakers remotely,Employ automatic transfer schemes to ensure continuous power for mission critical processes by automatically switching between UPS, Genset , Solar and other power sources.

How do we Begin ?

  • We start by an Energy Audit of your work facility to find opportunities for savings and better management.
  • We inform you about various benefits and improvements you may observe by implementing our system
  • Once you approve we sign a contract and get started.

Our system consist of advanced electronic devices that monitor over 100 different parameters of electricity in your office and come out with a detailed action plan on saving electricity by over 10 methods. Most of the methods does-not require any involvement of your staff or changes in the office.

Though WiEnergy can be a great system to monitor and manage energy in your organization it offers quick return on investment and benefits equivalent to 5 times its cost.

Do you understand your energy usage?

Are you getting the best possible rates for your utilities?

Are you monitoring your power usage to better control demand charges?

Is your existing power equipment operating at maximum efficiency?

If you are not monitoring your usage, you probably cannot answer these questions, so the opportunities to reduce your costs and carbon footprint, whilst increasing efficiency of both energy and production, and improving profit margins are passing you by.

The Wireless Integrated range of monitoring equipment and software is recognised by the Government led Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme We’re all working harder these days to reduce costs and increase productivity. However it takes the right tools and technology to make effective decisions to reduce utility costs and improve your facility’s efficiency. From web dashboard to Control Panel Unit (CPU) through to Process Control Manager PCM) Wireless Integrated has the most comprehensive suite of monitoring & targeting systems for all utilities (electricity, water, air, gas and steam) making it easy to obtain the information you need when you need it, to make those important cost saving decisions. .



Carrying out an energy review is the first step for energy management. The energy audit is the starting point from which an energy review can be carried out and thus a rational energy management program may be developed. It helps to quantify the energy usage at a site and highlights areas for potential savings and gives the data from which performance indicators can be derived.

An energy audit is essentially a study to determine the amount and cost of energy consumed and to identify opportunities for potential savings. This is achieved by carrying out a technical investigation of the control and flow of energy in the plant or a process, or even a specific piece of equipment.


An energy audit helps to identify where and how energy savings can be achieved. Energy audits can be undertaken for the whole site, for a particular process or item of equipment. Whatever the subject of the audit, the objectives of the survey remain the same.

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Energy Consulting

Energy consulting is a sub-discipline of environmental consulting that focuses on optimizing a business’ energy usage, as well as the sources from which the actual energy is derived.

Energy consulting is often centered on reducing operational costs, though this is not always the main goal. With the increasing value of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the minds of the general public, enterprise level businesses may contract an energy consultant to include more environmentally friendly energy sources into their energy mix.

With the recent volatility in the energy industry, energy consulting is quickly becoming a main component of business operations for enterprises worldwide.

Monitor, maintain & improve Standard metered distribution equipment

The requirement of the Building Regulations to account for 90% of energy use by end use category has led in recent years to sub-metering of lighting and power circuits being the accepted norm.

Wireless Integrated have developed standard solutions to this requirement with simplicity in mind for the designer, ease of installation for the contractor, and efficient operation for the end user.

Wireless Integrated offer a standard range single and three phase MCB distribution boards with integrated metering. For compliance with Govt. Rules a split metering offer has been developed to allow separate metering of lighting and power.

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