Energy Management & Automation of Pumps & Motors

Wireless Integrated offer its web based energy management platform for monitoring & automation of the pumps & motors. Our system not only monitor the equipment for its good health but also provide protection system that help increase its life by upto 50% leading to huge savings and benefits.

WiEnergy – Energy monitoring & automation system components

✓ WiEnergy Control panel

✓ WiEnergy GSM/WiFi communication interface

✓ WiEnergy Sensors & Actuators

✓ WiEnergy Web based energy monitoring & automation platform


✓ Energy monitoring – WiEnergy control panel monitor over 100 parameters of the Single/Three phase power supply to the Motor/pump to ensure that its optimized for its functioning. You can receive Alerts via SMS or email.

✓ Energy Analytic – Energy consumption pattern is continuously analyzed with our patented algorithms to calculate work done by the Motor/Pump and provide easy reports and charts for administration and management. It help you calculate the cost of ownership and return on investment (ROI).

✓Sensor monitoring – WiEnergy control panel can monitor the health of the pump using Temperature, Humidity & Vibration sensors.

✓ Work Monitoring – Our system can measure the input & output of the pump using Flow meters & Level meters and provide more comprehensive reports

✓ Process control – Our Web based platform also offer process design and automation along with option to integrate with SCADA systems. We can map the complete process of your plan and offer a complete automation with synchronised process flow.


✓ Increase life of equipment by upto 50%

✓ Synchronise the process flow and save energy & manpower cost

✓ Maintenance & Breakdown alerts in advance

✓ Clear Cost of ownership & ROI calculation

✓ Prevent misuse of infrastructure

✓ Complete monitoring & peace of mind

✓ Remote control & automation