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Energy Management System software


Energy Management System (EMS) can be used for Power/energy consumption monitoring / management at Substations, Pumping stations, Water Treatment Plants, Gas Distributions centers. EMS consists of EMSBX-I units, which collect the consumption data and push them to Server System thru unbuilt GSM/ GPRS/LAN based internet connectivity.

Further EMS Server running the software collects data from all the installed EMSBX-I units, and analyze the data and generate reports & alerts based on defined criteria’s. It also helps companies to organize and utilize there utilities at much efficient manners.

Wireless Integrated offer EMS Software that offer wide range of reports and charts for energy management along with alerts and suggestions.

[box_dark]Features – Energy Management System[/box_dark]

  • Simple

Our system has a very simple user interface. No information is further away than three clicks. Using reports or alerts in case of deviations, you may use EMS is a key tool in your work related to Power/Energy /Consumption Saving.

  • Easy to follow

With EMS, you have complete and efficient control of all the energy consumption of your buildings. The system is modular so there is no limitation to the number of users.

  • Secure

All users receive access to the web-based system with a user name and password and in accordance with their access level.

[box_dark]Benefits – Energy Management System[/box_dark]

  • Online monitoring and measurement of energy usage.
  • Remote switching on and off of equipment, machinery or appliances.
  • Energy planning and load forecasting.
  • Energy accounting and balancing to check wastages and theft.
  • Communicates with temperature, pressure, light and all types of sensors
  • Allows users to participate in Demand Response with utilities and power network
  • Allows for time of day tariff based incentive program


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