Energy Management System for IT & Offices

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Energy Management System for IT & Offices

[quote]Energy management system (EMS) , WiEnergy can play important role in achieving energy management goals in IT companies and offices.[/quote]


[box_dark]What can Energy management system do ?[/box_dark]


  • EMS can help you monitor your power supply to each department, floor on IT enabled dashboard
  • EMS can help you achieve Incentives in your Electricity bill with better power supply management
  • EMS can help you manage your Air conditioning systems to save energy
  • EMS can calculate energy efficiency of each computer in your organization
  • EMS can help you become a Green Energy supporter


[box_dark]How Energy management System work for IT companies & Offices ?[/box_dark]


  • EMS system measure detailed use of electricity in the office
  • EMS system can detect wastage of energy
  • EMS system can check power quality and suggest modes to improve it. Many such issues may lead to high usage or penalties in your electricity bill.
  • EMS help you make your processes more efficient
  • EMS also generate data that may be used to track work happening in your remote offices
  • EMS help you understand how much Air Conditioning is being used per person in each of your offices