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Energy Management Solutions

[pullquote_left]Energy management is in[/pullquote_left]

[quote]Save money and be green with an energy management solution[/quote]

Are you looking for options for your energy saving needs? Do you know where your energy is being used or, worse, wasted? Can you develop a baseline of your energy usage in the building, campus or global enterprise? Do you have the tools  to implement an efficient, cost saving energy management program?

[box_light]Energy management is the means to reduce operating costs and develop a cleaner environment. Energy management is a continual improvement process involving visualizing real-time energy consumption, measurement, analysis and implementation of programs to reduce usage and cost.[/box_light]


[box_dark]Four areas to develop for your energy management plan:[/box_dark][starlist]

  • Strategy and planning
  • Operational plan
  • Execution and implementation
  • Measurement and continuous improvement


[quote]Wireless Integrated team can help you with all of your energy management strategy, helping to get actionable, measurable and sustainable results.[/quote]


[box_dark]Energy management services[/box_dark][starlist]

  • Energy management planning and advisory services
  • Energy audits
  • Turnkey energy conservation project services


[box_dark]Hardware features[/box_dark][starlist]

  • WiFi enabled home energy management system
  • GPRS 2G/3G/4G connectivity options
  • Smartphone iOS/Android integration
  • Bluetooth low energy integration
  • Remote on/off controls


[box_dark]How is Energy management done ?[/box_dark]


  • Measure – Start by measuring energy consumption using advanced meters and measurement devices. You cannot manage something that you are not measuring. Plan measuring consumption of each and every device. We offer IP enabled meters that can log data of every 15mins on your server or cloud.
  • Analyze – Next step is to analyze the data and come up with reports and charts that will help you make decisions. Our software do indepth analysis of energy consumption pattern and present you with steps you can immediately take.




[quote]our energy management solutions help you in reducing energy consumption and associated environmental and economic impacts. We offer products with WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, GPRS 2G/3G/4G connectivity. Many products offer LCD, Keypad & printer options[/quote]

[box_light]Partner with Wireless Integrated to develop a custom Energy management Solution to meet your requirements. We have talented team of hardware and software engineers who can speedup your Energy management implementation.[/box_light]