Real Time Location System (RTLS) ID Card

Real Time Location System (RTLS) ID Card

Real Time Location System (RTLS) is a set of wireless technologies that allow indoor automatic location & ID sensing capabilities.

Wireless Integrated is offering RTLS ID Cards & Readers that allow you to deploy a automated Time Attendance & Access Control System in your organization.

Whats inside Real Time Location System ID Card

  • Bluetooth low Energy Chip
  • Memory Chip
  • Accelerometer (Optional)
  • Coin cell (upto 4) with Battery life of upto 5 yrs

How it Works – Real Time Location System

  • Register your users with our Software and assign RTLS ID Card to them
  • Install RTLS Readers in all Rooms & Lobbies
  • Once Employees enter the lobby/room with RTLS ID card, they are automatically detected
  • Logs are stores in the software for analysis, reporting
  • As users move from one room to other their locations are recorded.
  • Software can generate Location wise or user wise reports. It also offer Dasboard to find any employee at anytime

Applications – Real Time Location System

  • Automatic Attendance Tracking System
  • School Kids tracking system
  • Hospital patient tracking system
  • Visitor Management system
  • Events Visitor Tracking System

Real Time System like RTLS use Radio Frequency identification and has applications in Asset Management, Time Tracker, Time Location . They work with Time Software and offer Real Time Tracking, People Tracking System & Asset Tracking capabilities.