Automated Retail Vending Machine – RoboKiosk

Automated Retail Vending Machine – RoboKiosk

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Automated Retail Vending machine is a Kiosk Managed by a Robot that is controlled remotely by a person via internet.

Why Automated Retail Kiosks – RoboKiosk ?

  • Have you ever been in situation where you wanted to buy something but the shop was closed ? Get rid of this problem with RoboKiosk.
  • RoboKiosk can work 24×7 remotely controlled by a person sitting in Call center. You can Video conference with the person and get your order instantly.
  • Do you know more then 50% of the space in any retail kiosk is wasted for passages and sitting area for the staff, significantly reducing your stocking capabilities ? RoboKiosk help you save this space and in addition make maximum use of the height available, as our RoboKisok can store and remove material from anywhere and required negligible space to move.
  • You can make significant savings on the staff & space . RoboKiosk pays for itself in just 3 months and deliver 3 times higher ROI then a staff managed Kiosk.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost of operations
  • 24×7 operations
  • Web based statistics, sales & inventory reports, etc.
  • Efficient and accurate inventory control
  • Increase gross margins on retail items
  • Reduce losses and theft
  • Show ads, offers and gift coupons
  • 24 hour live video conference for customer assistance or service.


  • Remote Video Assistance
  • confidentiality
  • advertisement display
  • Payment via Cash, Card and Mobile
  • Simple management software
  • Metallic strong body design