Bluetooth Low Energy for Android, iPhone & Arduino

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Bluetooth Low Energy for Android, iPhone & Arduino

[box_dark]Introduction – Bluetooth Low Energy for Android, iPhone & Arduino[/box_dark]

Bluetooth low Energy is next generation technology for wireless mobile accessories & sensors.

Low power Bluetooth chips are very different from bluetooth chips used for headsets. These chips are primarily made for data communication and not for voice.

Smartphone are equipped with tens of sensors and latest software but people intend to use them for everything like TV remote, home automation, Sports & Health devices and more. This is made possible by low Power Bluetooth.



[box_dark]Bluetooth Low Energy for Android[/box_dark]

Latest Android smart phones from Motorola, HTC & Samsung have Bluetooth 4.0 inbuilt which support Low power bluetooth chips.

Sensors & Accessories powered by bluetooth low power chips can communicate with Android mobiles.

[box_dark]Bluetooth Low Energy for iPhone[/box_dark]

Bluetooth low Energy is support by almost all devices from Apple like iPhone, iPad, Laptops and even desktops.

iOS has complete support, SDK and APIs for low power bluetooth accessories. 80% of the the Bluetooth low energy accessories in the market currently only support iOS platform.






[box_dark]Bluetooth Low Energy for Arduino[/box_dark]

Arduino is a Single Board Computer (SBC) platform based on ATmega Atmel microcontroller. Its an open source open design platform and millions of developers are familiar with it.

Its very commonly used for robotics, hobby electronics and School / University electronic projects . In case you intend to develop any prototypes it would be most suitable to use Arduino platform.

Arduino platform also has Bluetooth Low Energy Module support and hence you can develop wide range of products based on it.


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