Blood Bag Monitoring with Wireless Sensors

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Blood Bag Monitoring with Wireless Sensors

[box_dark]Blood Bag Monitoring with Wireless Sensors[/box_dark]

[quote]Monitoring of blood products during storage and transport can extend the useful life of this key component of healthcare[/quote]

Wireless Integrated offer Small coin size Sensors that not only monitor the Temperature/Humidity of each bag of blood but also log it for the entire life of the bag.

These Sensors communicate directly with the Mobile App on a Smartphone and provide information on the History of the Blood Bag.

Doctors can quickly go thru the history and Test information to make sure that its best for the patient.

[quote]Wireless Integrated Blood Tracer System  will decrease blood waste as well as increase blood availability, tracing possibilities and blood quality.[/quote]

[box_dark]How it works ?[/box_dark]

  • Our Blood Sensor Tag is attached (stick) to the Blood bag
  • It can be programmed with information like Date of Blood Donation, Blood Group and other useful information
  • Once activated , it start monitoring the temperature, humidity around the Blood bag
  • It also records the movements between blood bank to labs
  • Labs can enter information about the tests done on the blood
  • Doctor can review this data before giving this blood to their patients