BioEnable has launched RFID based solution for Employees tracking

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BioEnable has launched RFID based solution for Employees tracking


Nowadays tracking the location of employees and their movements has become a main concern for the management when it comes to check as how much time they spend at different places , other than their cabins/seats.The RFID based solution is foolproof solution for these type of requirements so BioEnable has come up with a RFID Based tracking solution for tracking the Employees in the offices.
[box_dark]RFID Based Employee Monitoring Solution has following components :[/box_dark]

  • BioEnable’s Lanyard Based Wireless Tags  : These are the RFID Based wireless tags which will be associated with the ID cards of Employees.
  • BioEnable’s Wireless Reader: Wireless reader can detect multiple wireless tags at a time. These readers are placed at the entrance, exits, Floors, Cafeteria etc. When a Employee comes near to the wireless reader., it detects the particular tag and notifies it to Main Controller.
  • Main Controller (Local) : It checks the employee’s status from the wireless readers placed in the office premises and send data to server.
  • Central Server:  Receives data from single or multiple Controllers, processes an analyzes the data and present the information on a web portal, which can be accessed by the management or the concerned heads.



[box_dark]Process Flow Diagram:[/box_dark]

Process flow has been elaborated below :

  • The Locations/Gates/Floors of the office will be equipped with RFID Readers.
  • The RFID Tags will be Sticked to the employees ID cards/batches.
  • Once the system is working,  employee movements can be  tracked across the premises and his presence in the departments/Seats can also be determined. This is achieved by installing Readers at various location in the premises.
  • The Tracking data is collected at a central location in the Office and optionally uploaded to central server, where data is processed and analyzed.


[box_dark]Hardware Overview :[/box_dark]


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