Trackless Trains in India – Children Rides

Wireless Integrated technology solutions are helping advanced Trackless Train in India for Amusement & Fun.

Trackless Train are Electric Vehicles that is 1/5th replica of old classic trains for running inside shopping Malls & parks for children amusement purpose. Trackless train allow you to walk to nearest shopping mall or resort and get an experience of heritage trains that ran over 100 years ago and can be now seen only in television and movies.

Wireless Integrated has developed several safety & security features for Trackless Trains

  • Automatic obstruction detection and breaking
  • Wireless music distribution to carts
  • Monitoring Battery, Controllers & Key components for deterioration
  • Wireless emergency Alarm system

Wireless Integrated has provided this technology to Ample Stores who manufacture the trains and supply to various Malls & Resorts in India.