Smartphone Car-immobilizer

Smartphone car immobilizer is a Bluetooth low energy based Car immobilizer linked to your Smartphone supporting Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy based Car immobilizer is a device attached to the Ignition control of the vehicle. It doesnot allow the vehicle to be started unless the owner of the vehicle is in proximity. As the owner approach the vehicle or sit (as driver or passenger) the car immobilizer automatically enable the ignition and allow vehicle to the started with the key.

System can further integrate with Car Alarm system to enable you to Lock/Unlock your car using smartphone instead of a Car alarm remote.


  • Car cannot be started in the absence of the owner
  • Acts as a car -security system / Car alarm
  • Acts as owner/driver identification system
  • Prevents use of car by children in your absence

Wireless Integrated has developed prototypes of this product . We offer services to automotive companies to design, produce and launch such security products.