GPS Tracking System


Control your Fleet with latest technology and save cost ..

GPSintegrated GPS Tracking System is designed to make management of your fleet as easy and effective as possible. Whether you simply want to know where your drivers are, reduce your fuel costs, automate reporting, improve customer service, or improve your efficiency, our GPS tracking system will take you to the next level within few days of deployment.

The GPSintegrated GPS Tracking System Includes

  • GPS Tracking Dashboard
  • Route Replay
  • Performance Reports
  • Fleet Tracking Alerts
  • GeoFencing and Landmarks
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Garmin Integration for Dispatch
  • Fleet Maintenance Reports
  • Fleetmatics Mobile App
  • Driver ID

System components – GPS Tracking system

  • GPS Tracker – A device that is installed in the vehicle
  • SIM card – A telecom SIM card from GSM company , allow device to transfer its data to the central server
  • Server – A Web based server with GPSintegrated Tracking software. We recommend Cloud server for GPS tracking.
  • Monitoring software – A software capable on running on web, mobile, desktop to view location of all the vehicles fitted with GPS trackers
  • Call center – A office with 24×7 monitoring control room to monitor and assist all vehicles

Advanced options

  • Fuel management system
  • Remote Video monitoring
  • Driver monitoring system

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