Fuel Automation


BioEnable is a leading provider of Fuel Automation solutions with extensive experience in designing and implementing localized and centralized fuel storage control, monitoring and dispensing systems.Our solutions seamlessly combine originative integration of tank gagging, pump control and vehicle identification systems utilizing the latest technologies and tools including RFID technology, WAN communication protocols , and anatomical Database tools to provide solid yet simple to manage systems tailored to fulfill the specific needs of our clients.

Our Fuel Automation solutions are scalable and suitable for small organizations and large scale enterprises.


  • Reduction in management and accounting expenses.
  • Centralized control and monitoring center.
  • Scaleable solutions accommodating for small and large number of fueling nodes with the ability to integrate more nodes as needed.
  • Automated cashless payment systems
  • Increasing safety and minimizing troubleshooting efforts.

Fueling Process Administration

  • Tank monitoring system
  • Pump control systems including 2+ inches pumps or station dispensing pumps
  • Vehicle identification system
  • Alert systems
  • User interfaces for the whole flow
  • Remote administration interfaces
  • Detailed user permissions
  • User interaction monitoring
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Reporting System