Driver Performance Monitoring System


Driver performance monitoring system consist of an electronic data logger fitted on the OBDII port of the automobile. It can collect the data and analyze in local memory or send it to the web server for more detailed analysis and comparison.

The software can track several performance parameters related to the driver like

  • Harsh Breaking
  • Rash driving
  • High acceleration
  • Improper gear changes

Overall the system help you get detailed charts and alerts related to how the driver is operating the vehicle . These alerts may be made available directly to the Driver or for backoffice analysis of the performance.

Direct alerts to a driver can help him improve his driving skills and increase life of the vehicle by 25%

System components – Driver Performance Monitoring System

  • OBD II port Electronic data logger & analyzer
  • GSM/GPRS data modem
  • Web/Cloud based software for data collection, comparison & reporting

Features – Driver Performance Monitoring System

  • Instant audio-visual alerts to driver when they make mistakes in driving
  • Detailed driving data collection
  • Online analysis and comparison with other drivers/vehicles
  • Automatic vehicle maintenance & fault alerts


  • Increase life of your vehicle by 25%
  • Enforce good driver behavior
  • Prevent accidents, mishaps and excessive maintainance