Car Driving Simulator – Driving School Simulator

Car Driving Simulator allow you to quickly develop your car driving skills before taking you first real drive. Its not just for starters, well trained drivers and also improve their skills in advanced training mode , where they will be presented with challenges they may rarely encounter in real driving situation. This prepare you to face the events better.

Wireless Integrated has designed Car Driving Simulators for its client Ample, that offer them in India.


    • Our simulators range from full cab models to portable desktop models
    • Allows the learner to truly practice avoiding pedestrians that walk on the roadway, or other drivers who fail to stop for red lights or stop signs and in adverse situations of night or in a thunder storm
    • Teaches and evaluates in critical situations, which is hardly possible to create in real life & behind-the-wheel driving
    • Simulators help provide training in critical situations that new drivers will inevitably face and hopefully survive
    • Key benefits to driving schools
    • Training possible on a variety of Road, Weather & Day time conditions
    • Any time training (can be provided 24×7)
    • Provide international quality driving training
    • Inbuilt training curriculum reduced training cost
    • Reduced fuel cost & instructor cost
    • Automatic evaluation of driver’s skills