3D Scanner

3D scanners work on structured light (White light) or Laser to scan an 3D image of an object or body.

Recently the structured light 3D scanners are becoming popular due to their high speed 3d data capture capabilities for wide range of applications.

3D scanners are suitable for wide range of Industrial, Medical and Designing applications.

3d laser scanners: These are 3D scanners that use Laser technology , the data acquire time is high but they can scan with high accuracy.

3d scanners prices: Most 3D scanner may cost between USD7500 to USD30000. With those below USD15000 being entry level and above them being professional

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handheld 3d scanners: handheld 3D scanners are suitable for wide range of applications and due to mobility can be used at multiple locations.

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3d scanners cost: 3D scanners are costly product and normally ownerd by professional designers and industrial engineers.

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