5 Ways to Save Electricity Bill at your Office

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5 Ways to Save Electricity Bill at your Office




[quote]Here are 5 ways to save electricity bill at your office without reducing your consumption[/quote]







[box_dark]1 – Power Factor Penalties[/box_dark]

Check your electricity bill, if you are paying any Power Factor Penalties contact an Electrical Engineer to guide you to quickly get rid of these penalties.


[box_dark]2 – Power factor Incentives[/box_dark]

Once you have done way with Power Factor (PF) penalties, work further with the Electrical Engineer to help earn incentives. You can say 5% penalties and earn upto 7% incentives with better management of power supply in your office.


[box_dark]3 – Manage Max Demand[/box_dark]

Electricity companies charge  Electricity Demand charges. These are calculated based on the Peak demand recorded in a month. Let;s say you put on all ACs, lights and equipment for few minutes one day , you immediate electricity demand will shoot to twice your normal requirements. Your electricity company meters are programmed to quickly capture this Peak Demand and charge you based on it.

If you can manage your Peak Demand you can save significant amount upto 50% on Demand charges.


[box_dark]4 – Time of Day charges[/box_dark]

Most electricity companies charge a higher rate for usage of electricity in Morning and evening. In afternoon its normal and in night you get discount. Hence try to put all your ACs and temporary use equipment on only in afternoon and make max use of electricity at night where possible.


[box_dark]5 – Check your Tariff[/box_dark]

Download the complete Tariff chart from your electricity companies. For businesses your electricity company may have wide range of packages for different industrial and even some based on usage. Many a times they have higher charges per unit for higher connected load. i.e. big offices may be charged higher then small offices. Check your actual demand of power and select a better category of tariff for your office.