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home energy monitoring systems

Check the Products, Services, Solutions related to home energy monitoring systems. Wireless Integrated offer development, consultancy with manufacturing, installation and support related to home energy monitoring systems. Get latest news on home energy monitoring systems.

Energy Management Solutions

Are you looking for options for your energy saving needs? Do you know where your energy is being used or, worse, wasted? Can you develop a baseline of your energy usage in the building, campus or global enterprise? Do you h...
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Energy Management & Automation of Pumps & Motors

Wireless Integrated offer its web based energy management platform for monitoring & automation of the pumps & motors. Our system not only monitor the equipment for its good health but also provide protection system that...
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Energy Management System India

Energy Management System in India are increasingly becoming popular in Government & Industrial organizations. Cost of Energy / Electricity is higher in India with shortages due to subsidies. Wireless Integrated Energy Manag...
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Energy Management System software

Energy Management System (EMS) can be used for Power/energy consumption monitoring / management at Substations, Pumping stations, Water Treatment Plants, Gas Distributions centers. EMS consists of EMSBX-I units, which collect t...
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smart metering

Energy Meter RS485 Bluetooth Low Energy Data logger

We are now actively working on Bluetooth Low Energy & Low Power WiFi. We are offering a complete Energy Management System that involve control panels to collect Energy data mainly from industrial applications and analyzing ...
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Home energy monitoring

Home Energy Monitor

Home Energy Monitor provides prompt, convenient feedback on electrical or other energy usage. The measurement of electricity used through a Home Energy Monitor is done by an inductive clamp placed around the electric main via t...
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Wireless Controller for Building Management & Industrial applications

Wireless Integrated offer Building management controller based on next generation wireless technologies. Support low power WiFi & Bluetooth low energy for interfacing with wide range of sensors Support conventional Ethernet...
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